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Due to COVID-19 Facials are not available at this time

Masque Facials

Due to COVID-19 Masque Facials are not available at this time


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Body Treatments

Full Body Sugar Polish

60 min. treatment / $90

Organic sugar cane blended with pure, organic coconut or grapeseed oil, customized pure essential oil blends exfoliates and therapeutically awakens the senses. Our body polish gently dissolves dull surface cells, polishing and rejuvenating for beautifully glowing skin. After stimulating sugar polish, rich organic body lotion is massaged into your skin, creating hydration that instantly rebalances, for baby soft results.

Cellulite Smoother Body Wrap

90 min. treatment / $160

Slimming cellulite treatment begins with a rolling massage to prepare skin and dermal layers for your body wrap. Our cellulite gel wrap features active ingredients that help detoxify, reduce inches and tighten skin without dehydrating. This custom blend of ground and marine extracts blend with essential oils to stimulate and promote the intercellular exchanges, eliminate excess water and work to break up fatty deposits. Have your body ready for a red carpet evening, whenever you choose!

Full Body Clay Wrap

60 min. treatment / $120

Organic and sustainably harvested by hand, our Alaskan glacial clay moisturizes and replenishes your skin from head to toe. Absorbs toxins from your skin, exfoliates and promotes the anti-aging effects of increased collagen stimulation. Luxuriate in our warmed clay body wrap, the ultimate spa experience for radiantly healthy skin.

Additional Services


Luscious Lips Mask

Add on to any Spa Service / $8

Keep lips plump and supple with our Collagen Crystal Lip Mask. Collagen, amino-acids and natural plant essences help to firm, tone, moisturize and hydrate! Mwah!

30 Minute Relaxing Massage

Add on to any Spa Service / $35

Add on a relaxing warm stone, therapeutic or aromatherapy massage to any facial or body treatment service.


Get the ultimate massage experience, call (251) 228-2077

Benefits of Skin Care

 We choose only certified organic and 100% cruelty-free products for our masques and body treatments. With some of our products, a percentage of our purchase funds wilderness and nature conservancy.

Our Viktoria De’Ann skin-care line is cruelty-free and naturally based. Initiated in 2002, this skin care line created a formulation of professional cosmeceuticals, employing unique peptide messengers, which are beneficial to the health, repair, and rejuvenation of the skin.

We search for the best products for our service menu. You can feel confident in the integrity of our services and our commitment to conscientious product selection.

Relax and enjoy the quality and benefits of our products for naturally healthy, beautiful, glowing skin.

Our Cleansers and Moisturizer

  • Balancing 
    Coconut and olive esters provide essential lipids and antioxidant properties, while glycerin naturally draws moisture from the environment.  A hypo-allergenic facial cleansing gel scientifically formulated from the purest ingredients, creating a unique balance of cleansing and natural moisturizing factors reestablishing the skin’s proper PH.
  • Purifying
    This water-soluble, sulfate-free, deep penetrating foaming cleanser gently lifts make-up and impurities from the skin, without removing essential lipids required to remain healthy and hydrated. Purifying Cleanser can improve the penetration of sequential treatments used in your professional’s applications as well as home usage. Incorporation of Vitamin C in Purifying Cleanser helps neutralize destructive free radicals and delivers deep-pore cleansing to reveal natural smooth skin.
  • Moisturizer
    A smooth, rich lotion that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration. The therapeutic properties of whole-leaf organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help to protect the skin from damaging free radicals and environmental assaults. Day Moisturizer assists in restoring the skin, waking up to a fresher and healthier appearance.

Our Serums

  • Repair & Tone 
    Formulated to signal programmed accelerated repair and restructuring of damaged skin. Our answer to the costly injected ‘toxin base’ treatments — and without the pain and complications.
  • Under Eye 

    Under Eye Serum’s UET-3 peptide complex penetrates quickly and helps to brighten and firm the Formulated to signal programmed accelerated repair and restructuring of damaged skin. The signs of aging (stress, puffiness, and dark circles) are reduced to improve the appearance of the skin. Acting as an antioxidant and optimizing hydration, green tea extract and soluble collagen are complimentary actives to the UET-3 peptide complex

  • Lift
    A face-lifting serum scientifically formulated to provide peptides to restore youthful skin tension. Applied to the face, arm, or decolletage, to lift and re-establish your natural youthful appearance. Results demonstrate 5-10 years younger anti-aging.
  • Acne

    A multiple blend of synergistic amino acid complexes to quiet quorum signaling of bacteria. The perfect complement to your skin’s natural biological defenses.

  • Collagen
    Collagen Gel is a delicately textured hydrating gel providing a unique blend of natural water-soluble Collagen for visibly tighter skin. Leaving the skin refreshed and revitalized, while reducing the appearance of pore size and epidermal surface texture, Collagen Gel is pure indulgence

Our Sugar Scrub

All natural and organic sugar cane gently dissolves dull surface cells, while the exfoliating granules polish and rejuvenate the skin tone.

Our Body Lotion

Made with certified organic moroccan argan oil, organic coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. Moisturizing hand & body lotion, provides long-lasting hydration that instantly replenishes, rebalances & softens skin, 100% Paraben free.

Our Body Oil

Coconut Oil – Organic, pure coconut oil is easily absorbed, non-greasy, allows the skin to “breathe” and hydrates and softens the skin and it sinks beneath the surface of the skin.

Coconut oil also contains plentiful amounts of Vitamin E, a vitamin known for its anti -aging properties and its powerful abilities to curb and neutralize free radicals. It’s one of nature’s best kept secrets. Due to the high-fat content, the skin responds well to coconut oil.

It improves the skin’s appearance and elasticity. In addition, coconut oil helps in the recovery of wounds, reduces rashes and other skin issues, as well as preventing acne. It also has great anti-inflammatory properties.

Grapeseed Oil – Organic, pure grapeseed oil improves the appearance of stretch marks. The fine texture of Grapeseed oil makes it a superb massage oil that helps repair damaged and stressed skin tissues.

Skin that needs toning and restoration will benefit from grape seed oil’s restructuring qualities. Grapeseed, like coconut, contains high levels of Vitamin E, is great for moisturizing, and perfect for facial massage due to it’s lighter texture.


Get the ultimate Spa experience, call (251) 228-2077

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying…



erin barile
erin barile
18:43 14 Apr 21
They travelled out to our condo and we had massages overlooking the gulf.. it was amazing!! Very professional, excellent massages! Would highly recommend, especially if you need someone to come out for a massage!
Jody Marsh
Jody Marsh
22:19 15 Feb 21
I cannot recommend Rosehaven Massage enough! This is the place to be for relaxation and/or recovery. I began weekly massage treatments with Roselee in November 2020 following a rotator cuff repair, bicep repair, and subsequent frozen shoulder that required a 2nd surgery (MUA). (Two surgeries on the same shoulder in a 10 week timeframe) To say that I was in pain and very nervous about anyone other than my surgeon and physical therapist touching my shoulder is the understatement of the year. However, the tension and restriction greatly limited my ability to move my arm normally. I was making concessions with other muscles that soon become irritated, overused, and knotted up so bad I couldn't sleep. At my first appointment, Roselee listened intently before ever starting the massage to better understand exactly what my condition and inhibitions were. From day one, she has worked skillfully and within my limitations to slowly begin to restore some comfort as I continue physical therapy and recovery. She has educated me about the process of therapeutic massage and taught me things I can do at home to help ease muscle spasms between visits. I didn't come to Rosehaven for a "day at the spa". I came because I desperately needed something above and beyond what I've gotten at other places. If I could give her 10 stars, I would. Thank you, Roselee!
Billy Barrett
Billy Barrett
12:12 22 Sep 20
I awoke this morning feeling refreshed. I'm a lineman that has been working for 7 weeks straight 16 hrs a day. Anywhere you would touch was sore. Thank you Roselee for an amazing massage.
Jean Marie Bell
Jean Marie Bell
14:46 13 May 20
very good deep tissue massage, would highly recommend
Jessica Graham Taylor
Jessica Graham Taylor
22:20 11 May 20
I have had multiple massages from Roselee and love that each time, she personalized the treatment to accommodate my needs. She is able to give a deep tissue massage and pinpoint trouble areas without it being a painful experience. Every time, I leave feeling incredibly relaxed. She is my first stop when I come to Orange Beach and my last stop to prepare for a long drive back to Louisiana!
Roselee was very delightful, thorough, and accommodating. I traveled to the Gulf Shores with my best friend for a nice relaxing getaway. I haven’t felt this relaxed since laying in the sun doing absolutely nothing. I’ve had several massages and I must say this was one if not the best. She was very attentive to stress areas. The hot stones were amazing. She has gifted hands!!!! I highly recommend her services. I will be back!!!

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